THOMAS SABO Colourful Hummingbird Pendant TPE875

  • 79900


- Hummingbird pendant made of blackened Sterling silver in dazzling rainbow colours

- Drop-shaped centre stone, elaborate pav' stone embellishment, fine reliefs and engravings

- Finished by hand down to the last detail


Acrobat of the skies: The THOMAS SABO hummingbird pendant is a small, unusual piece of jewellery. Handcrafted, adorned with over 220 shining stones in the colours of the rainbow and with a feather structure perfected down to the last detail, the design impresses as an absolutely individual piece of jewellery. Hand-cut navette stones enchant on the wingtips and as a feathered tail with their iridescent shimmering opal effect.

- TPE875

- 925 Sterling Silver (Blackened)

- Black, Pink, White Cubic Zirconia

- Synthetic Red Corundum

- Glass Ceramic Stone

- Height: 4.3cm (approx.) 

- Width: 4.0cm (approx.)

- Weight: 10g (approx.)

- Pendant comes with matching THOMAS SABO packaging.

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