THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver Yin Yang Black Cat Pendant TPE865

  • 26900


- Yin-Yang pendant with a labyrinth design

- Movable black cat head design element

- Symbol of balance

The unique THOMAS SABO jewellery pendant is elaborately crafted by hand and inspires the wearer to change their perspective thanks to the Yin and Yang symbolism. The wild, mystical black cat is a companion on the path through the labyrinth - because the moving, three-dimensional cat head motif can be shifted between the forces of Yin and Yang. The silver pendant itself is also stylised like a traditional Yin and Yang pendant thanks to its contrasting designs representing light and dark.

- TPE865

- 925 Sterling Silver (Blackened)

- Height: 4.6cm (approx.)

- Width: 3.4cm (approx.)

- Thickness: 0.20cm (approx.)

- Pendant comes with matching THOMAS SABO packaging.

*Chain not included

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